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The extra screen at Kolkata Book Fair.

giant screen kolkata book fair
Feb 2016

The extra screen at Kolkata Book Fair.


We’ve set up a 8 feet by 10 feet LED screen in front of Hall 3 gate 1.

We plan to showcase information regarding upcoming sessions and

a. All the live Twitter updates using the hashtag #boimela, updates from the Twitter account of @Kolkataboimela.

b. Photographs shared with us over Instagram using #boimela.

c. Facebook updates from the official page and public updates using #boimela over Facebook.

d. DSLR shot photographs of Kolkata Book Fair, submitted to us at


We further plan to:

a. Live update about ongoing sessions over Twitter. Follow the hashtag: #boimela

b. Session updates of Kolkata Literature Festival, from Calcutta Cacophony ( @CalcuttaCacophony) and Kolkata Instagrammers (@Kolkata_igers).

c. Minimum one live blog post per session to be updated on the website link.


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