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Feb 2017

An Interview with Neal Hall: Performance Poetry

Dr Neal Hall is a warrior-poet. His poetry refers to the immediate context of racial oppression, but spans beyond it to reach the heart of the human condition. With Subodh Sarkar and Debojyoti Mishra, he put up a performance of poetry and music that moved the audience to tears. This blogger met him after his […]

Feb 2017

An Interview with Khaled AlKhamissi: A brief ‘Taxi’ Ride through the streets of Egypt

Khaled Al Khamissi is an Egyptian novelist, columnist, lecturer, writer and cultural activist. He shot to fame with his insightful fiction novels Taxi and Noah’s Arch and his nonfiction novel 2011.  He is now the Chairman of the Cairo Greater Public Library. Have you always known that you want to be a writer? Did something, […]