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Feb 2017

An Interview with Durjoy Datta: About Being a Star Author

Durjoy Datta is an author and screenwriter, but it is his immediately apparent charm that endears him to millions of young readers in India. Part of a group of writers who have succeeded enormously in the genre of commercial fiction, Datta has penned stories that have captured the hearts of his audience, both on the […]

Feb 2017

A Long Way Home

The eighth session on the final day of Kolkata Literature Festival 2017 was named ‘A Long Way Home’ after the 2014 autobiographical account of the experiences of Saroo Brierley. The discussion revolved around this story which was adapted into the movie ‘Lion’. The secretary of public affairs, Australian High Commission shortly opened the session. The discussion […]

Feb 2017

‘The Valley The City The Village’ Project

The second session on the final day of Kolkata Literature Festival 2017 saw a discussion on creative writing. It was in association with the British Council, BEE Books, Wales Arts International and Parthian. Esha Chatterjee, CEO, BEE Books moderated the discussion. The panel also consisted of Natalie Holborow, the winner of Terry Hetherington, Sophie McKeand, […]

Feb 2017

Conversations with Divya Dutta

This session is a rather special one not just for Kolkata but for cinephiles all over the country. It is extremely close to my heart because not only is Divya Dutta one of my favourite actresses but she is a lady with the kind of poise, elegance and subtlety which is almost incomparable. For the […]

Feb 2017

Bloody Scotland in Kolkata

It was a grand opportunity for book readers and book lovers in Kolkata to have the first crime fiction festival in the world celebrated at the second session of day 2 of the Kolkata Literature Festival 2017. Bloody Scotland celebrates international crime writers from all over the world on an annual basis. The session saw […]

Jan 2016

Bolivian Film Industry – Then and Now

Bolivia has a rich and long history of film-making. Despite the presence of infrastructural, social and economic challenges, the film-makers of Bolivia have been producing feature-length movies since 1920. The first motion picture of Bolivia was Retrato de personajes historicos y de actualidad which was released in 1904. The first colour film of the country […]

9 Books You Must Buy for your children this Boi-Mela!

Do you have a child who gobbles up English literature but is somehow not too comfortable with Bengali? Or has your child started reading in Bengali, and you aren’t sure what books to gift him? Or do YOU just want to take a stroll down the memory lane? In any case, here is a list of 9 […]

Narayan Debnath
Dec 2015

Narayan Debnath speaks his mind on politics, cartoons and political cartoons

    Narayan Debnath is a senior comics-artist of India, whose characters, notably Handa-Bhonda, Bantul – the great, and Nonte-Phonte, have transcended age and generation in their immense popularity in West Bengal and outside. Debnath Babu was the first and only comics-artist of India who has received a Doctor of Literature degree. His illustrations and […]