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Poetry, Calcutta, Bookfair and more – Interviewing Srijato

Poetry, Calcutta, Bookfair and more – Interviewing Srijato

Srijato, a popular Bengali poet is mostly known for his use of the Bengali language in a lucid, simple and beautiful manner. Before reading out a couple of these in the session “Aaj, Kal, Porshu Kobita” , Srijato talked to Meghna Roy from Kolkata Bloggers in an exclusive interview.RJT_6601

Q: Why poetry?

A: When I started off, I did not have anyway but to write poems; nor do I think I have anyway even now. I felt that poetry was the only way through which I could express myself in the best possible way. I still attempt to express myself through poetry. I have felt that poetry is something very close to my heart.

Q: Which poet has influenced you the most?

A: Mirza Ghalib

Q: Do you feel that the readership of poetry is dwindling?

A: Not at all. In fact, I get the evidence of an increase in the number of readers every year when I visit the book fair.

Q: How do you perceive the changes in Bengali poetry over various generations?

A: Yes, I think there has been a change in the use of language, but since Bengali is a very flexible language. Bengali has the potential to expand itself. It has always been incorporating new elements into itself like a river does while flowing. This is why this language will persist for a long time. The way Bengali literature is being written now is not the same as it will be, say, twenty years hence. This is a lively aspect about this language.

Q: How much has Kolkata inspired you to write?

A: The city has inspired me the most. In fact, my latest book which I have dedicated to my wife is based in Kolkata. Kolkata is my first love, and also my last love. I can hardly get distracted from the city. Everything about it keeps inspiring me all the time.

Q: Your favourite memory of the Kolkata Book Fair?

A: The time I came here with Sunil Gangopadhyay has been memorable. I still miss the time I had great adda sessions with him. This everlasting memory will live with me as long as the Kolkata Book Fair exists.

Q: Any advice for aspiring poets?

A: The only thing I feel is that they should be oblivious to everything else in the pursuit of poetry. Once you can articulate your thoughts down on paper, everything else will automatically follow your path.




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