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Find the frequently asked questions below. If your questions are still not resolved, don’t hesitate to fill up the form below and contact us.


How do I reach the International Kolkata Book Fair, if I am from Kolkata?

The Map of the location is provided on the Home page. The venue of the book fair is located in the permanent  fairground “Milan Mela” which is right opposite Science City and next to ITC Sonar. In case you’re using public transport, Science City is the closest landmark. There’ll be special buses plying in the city with “Boimela” marked on them.


I am not from Kolkata. How do I reach the Book Fair?

There are trains to Sealdah and Howrah. Once you reach Howrah/Sealdah, take a cab/car/bus to Science City. Milan Mela is right opposite Science City. There will be hoardings and banners all along the road. Locating the International Kolkata Book Fair will not be difficult.


I have come from abroad. How do I reach the Book fair?

The best place for you to stay is ITC Sonar as it is right beside the Fair Grounds. In case you are staying anywhere else, go to Milan Mela grounds. Use “Science City” as the landmark.


How do I return from the fair ground?

You’ll be spoiled for choice. If you did not bring a car here, you can choose to take one of the buses (you’ll get AC buses too) you’ll get at pretty regular intervals. Otherwise, you could hail a cab or book one online.


Is there a provision for parking my car at the International Kolkata Book Fair?

There is a parking lot adjacent to Milan Mela grounds where you can park your car. Parking charges are according to standard rates.


What are the provisions for the Handicapped or the Aged?

There are Battery Operated Cars available to take you through the entire Fair. All stall owners have been instructed to create “Ramps” so that there is convenience in entering the stalls. You just need to inform at the Entry Gate of The International Kolkata Book fair and we’ll get you the Battery Operated Car immediately.


Where do I get the Ground Map of the Book fair?

This website!

You can also download the Android app specially designed for The Kolkata International Book Fair.

You will also get the map on the Fair Grounds: at the Entry gates, near the Guild House and at all the May-I-Help-You booths.


How to find out a particular book stall?

With the help of the Map or the Android Application. The stalls are given numbers, and each stall is alphabetically arranged with their respective numbers on the flip side, to save you the trouble of looking


How to get entry tickets? What is the price?

The best things in life come free, just like entry to the International Kolkata Book Fair.


What are the provisions for water and food inside the Fair Grounds?

The Government of West Bengal shall provide free water at several points inside the Book Fair.

The Food Court, located near Hall No. 4, shall have a wide range of restaurants and eateries for you to choose from.


If I am lost inside the Fair Grounds, how do I seek help? What if I can’t find my family?

Do not panic! Be calm and head over to the closest May-I-Help-You booth. The Guild House is located centrally and locating Guild House will help too.

Tip: Decide a common place to meet in case any one of you get lost before you enter. That always works!


If I fall ill inside the Fair Grounds, how do I get help?

There are Medical Assistance Booths. Consult the map or the App, or approach one of the May-I-Help-You booths. There are ambulances available too.


How do I conduct a programme inside the book fair?

Write a mail to Publishers and Booksellers Guild with subject line “Booking of Slots for Programmes” at with all the details of the programme, probable participants, and guests to be invited for the programme and the general requirements for the same. After scrutinisation by our team and based on availability of slots, we will mail you back in case your proposal gets accepted. Each slot is an hour long.

For basic information about the book fair, click here.

To know about the schedule of this year’s book fair, click here.

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