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Durjoy Datta on Catchy Titles, Love, Female Fan Following and More!

Durjoy Datta on Catchy Titles, Love, Female Fan Following and More!

Durjoy Datta, the man with an immense fan following, after signing a near hundred books and clicking innumerable selfies with fans, very happily obliged for a quick chat with Rupsha Bhadra from Kolkata Bloggers. Here’s presenting to you, snippets from an exclusive interview of the man who has authoured a large number of books like ‘Of Course I Love You!’, ‘Our Impossible Love’ and more and also written for a variety of TV serials like ‘Sadda Haq’ and more. Read on!durjoy dutta


Q. What was it like to publish your first book at the age of 21?

A: Actually, I expect it to happen, so it was just amazing to get my name printed on a book. I didn’t aim to become a writer. I had a blog, and people told me a write well, so I thought why not approach a publisher! And that’s how it all happened. I didn’t really care at that point whether he’s printing 1000 copies or 2000 copies as I was just happy about getting published. You see, the happiest high is to finish the book. That means my best part was any way over.

Q. What happened to your blog?

A: I deleted the blog actually because a lot of stuff that I wrote about in my first book, was already there in my blog. But blogging taught me how to arrest someone’s attention in just a few words. And that’s how I got into writing full-fledged books.

Q. Tell us about the very catchy titles of your books like ‘Of Course I Love You!’,  ‘Our Impossible Love’. Where did you get the ideas for these?

A: So my book titles have a very interesting story behind them. My publisher, happened to be very superstitious and he wanted the titles to have 19 characters. So that was really difficult a task to come up with a title within that fixed limit. But I thought since I have used “I love you” a great number of times in the book, why not incorporate that in the title with a slight twist?
The first five books had these quirky captions, but the titles progressively became less funny.

Q. Any particular book that has inspired you a great deal?

A: Every book that I’ve read actually, because every book I’ve read, I’ve found it to be better than mine. I think “Why can’t I write like this guy?”

Q. Is there any particular genre to plan to write on in the coming years which you haven’t touched on yet?

A: Hardcore romance, maybe. And a thriller and a fantasy, but I’m yet to see if I write a bad one or a good one. And if I write a bad one, it doesn’t get published.

Q. The way you portray love, is it tweaked a little to cater to young females or the younger crowd so that they like it?

A: I know it might seem that way, but the reality is, that these young girls are more vocal about it. Older generations, even if they are just as excited will not jump and scream. I had my first book launch and everyone there was very quiet and timid but now, the scenario has totally changed and younger people are way more vocal about their likings and other things.

Q. How much have real life situations shaped your characters or writings?

A: So when I started writing, a lot of characters were similar to people I’ve met in real life, but when I finished writing about them, I had to cook up my own! Situations have shaped certain aspects, though. When I was younger I used to be more cynical so my books too were cynical. However when I grew up I became more idealistic in nature and that reflected in my writing too.

Q. How flattered do you feel after encountering this kind of fan following?

A: Oh I feel really flattered! I never understand what to do with it, so I just keep blushing for two hours!

Q. A message for the readers?

A: Stop fiddling with your phones and keep reading!




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