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Durjoy Datta About Being a Star Author

Feb 2017

Durjoy Datta About Being a Star Author

He is the author of ‘Of Course I Love You…Till I Find Someone Better’. He wrote ‘Now That You’re Rich! Let’s Fall in Love!’ He is the author of many other books which have gained phenomenal popularity in India. He has written his name in the hearts of numerous teenagers the country over.

He, ladies and gentlemen, is the Durjoy Datta.

His latest book, ‘The Girl of my Dreams’ already sold out rapidly outside the auditorium while the fourth session of the final day at the Kolkata Literature Festival 2017 session began.

Durjoy Dutta was in conversation with Jash Sen who has authored ‘The Wordkeeping’ trilogy. She is an MBA from the IIM, Calcutta.

“I love coming back to Kolkata. The city has always been welcoming me every time I have come here,” said the star author.

The author plunged into a reminiscing of his experience as a lover of literature. “When I am reading books if people ask me what am I doing, I say that I am working,” he confessed. His honesty and dedication took the audience by awe.

“I have grown up reading a lot of thrillers but writing this genre in India is difficult to sell. I have read fantasy and other genres too[…] It was difficult for me to come up with an idea for my last book. I wondered why people would pick up the read over a Stephen King.”

Datta admitted that he scored the least in English during his board exams. He had never thought he would end up becoming a writer.

When asked by Sen regarding his television screenwriting in ‘Sadda Haq- My Life My Choice’, the winner of Zee Gold Awards and Indian Telly Awards responded, “I don’t make a distinction between writing books and writing for television. I wake up early to write.”

The humility of one of the most popular authors of the country got the audience enraptured. One of the young adults even screamed, “I love you”. The star author instantly reciprocated, “I love you too.”

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