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Drumscape – Bickram Ghosh

Feb 2016

Drumscape – Bickram Ghosh

It isn’t quite justified if a literary festival as successful Kolkata Literature Festival 2016 doesn’t end on the high note, is it?

Thus, the concluding act for the three days of debate and discussion brought on stage tabla maestro Bickram Ghosh and his team. And they whipped up quite a storm with fascinating beats, rhythm and music. bikram ghosh

There were just about four instruments on stage, and yet for the one hour that he played, not a single soul could be diverted from their attention. There was the mridangam, drums, the Bangla dhol and, of course, the tabla.

Bickram Ghosh, not only played the tabla but also interacted with the audience on multiple different occasions which made the performance even more memorable.  From a hilarious depiction of a couples journey just through tabla language or a breakdown of Shakespearean iambic pentameter to beats, he did it all. He even made music by tapping his cheeks and stomach. Sounds improbable? You have to see it, to believe how good it is. He also involved the audience by asking them to clap along and match the beats that he played. I think the audience did quite a fantastic job.

Something else on stage caught my attention too. It was the camaraderie between the players and all the knowing grins and appreciative smiles that were exchanged. They musicians were evidently having a gala time on stage, which in my opinion, reflected on what they were playing. It showed that it is only when you have such an undying love for what you’re doing, can you really reach that great a level.

On a very personal note, I had watched him perform in my campus a couple of years back during Pujo. It was an Ashtami evening and  I had left feeling mesmerised by the performance. That exact feeling is what I experienced at the Boimela grounds after this performance too. Three days of working hard ended on the best note possible. After days of planning and coordinating, when an event goes smoothly, the feeling is unparalleled.

Here’s eagerly awaiting KLF 2017 and saying cheers to the highly successful KLF 2016 that just went by!


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