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Feb 2017

An Interview with Nitya Mehra: 50 Films that Changed Bollywood

Nitya Mehra is a filmmaker. She has worked with directors such as Farhan Akhtar, Mira Nair and Ang Lee. Her directorial debut, Baar Baar Dekho, was released in 2016. A trailblazing woman, her passionate demeanour and presence are inspirations in themselves.  Here are her thoughts as told to the scribe on a sunny afternoon at […]

Feb 2017

An Interview with Vivek Shanbhag: Accessing Literature through Translations

Vivek Shanbhag is a writer and translator, who works in Kannada. Ghachar Ghochar, a novella by him, has been translated by Srinath Perur into English. The work which captures the shades of a family’s relationship with newfound wealth, and consequently each other, has garnered universal praise. This blogger caught up with him in the Author’s […]

Feb 2017

An Interview with Jenny Brown: Accessing Literatures Through Translation

Jenny Brown was previously the Head of Literature at the Scottish Arts Council, and the first Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. She was one of the primary forces behind the designation of Edinburgh as the UNESCO City of Literature. She is also the Chair of the Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Festival, promoting new authors […]

Feb 2016

An Interview with Dhritiman Chatterjee

In an engaging discussion at the Kolkata Literature Fest, Mr Dhritiman Chatterjee spoke about the many ways a character like Byomkesh Bakshi can be understood. I caught up with him before the session to ask him about Byomkesh, his favourite detective and more. Here’s what we talked about: What was it like to interpret Byomkesh at an […]

Feb 2016

An interview with Samaresh Majumdar

Meeting a writer whose stories one grew up with is nothing less than a dream come true. Meeting the wry, humorous and forthright Mr Samaresh Majumdar was even better! Here’s what Mr Majumdar and I talked about after his session at boimela: Is the struggle between the mother tongue and the imposed tongue of English […]

Feb 2016

An Interview with Shyam Benegal

Many of us don’t get the opportunity to meet our idols very often. So when I met famed film director Mr Shyam Benegal, I immediately plied him with some burning questions I’d always wanted to ask him. Here’s what he said: Your film, Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero, deals with the issue of Netaji’s […]

Feb 2016

Why We Love Durjoy Datta

When there’s a handsome intelligent young man around, there will be admirers. And when there are admirers, there will be die-hard fans from dedicated fandoms. We spoke to two such young women who waited outside the SBI Auditorium at the Kolkata Literature Festival to catch sight of their object of adoration, the ever-charming Durjoy Datta. […]

Feb 2016

An Interview with Manabi Bandopadhyay, India’s First Transgender College Principal

I had the privilege of meeting the elegant and wonderfully articulate Professor Manabi Bandopadhyay for a few minutes. Here are some excerpts from the chat that followed: What are the greatest barriers in the Indian education system for transgender people? The barriers are not just in the education system. They have been discriminated against for […]

Samaresh Majumdar on Boimela becoming a museum

  Samaresh Majumdar is a well-known Bengali author. A versatile author, Mr. Majumdar is noted for the elements of suspense and thrill that he infuses in most of his works. One of his famous characters is the young and adventurous detective Arjun. A 2013 movie has also been made with Arjun being the central character. […]

Narayan Debnath
Dec 2015

Narayan Debnath speaks his mind on politics, cartoons and political cartoons

    Narayan Debnath is a senior comics-artist of India, whose characters, notably Handa-Bhonda, Bantul – the great, and Nonte-Phonte, have transcended age and generation in their immense popularity in West Bengal and outside. Debnath Babu was the first and only comics-artist of India who has received a Doctor of Literature degree. His illustrations and […]