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Jan 2016

Bolivian Film Industry – Then and Now

Bolivia has a rich and long history of film-making. Despite the presence of infrastructural, social and economic challenges, the film-makers of Bolivia have been producing feature-length movies since 1920. The first motion picture of Bolivia was Retrato de personajes historicos y de actualidad which was released in 1904. The first colour film of the country […]

Jan 2016

Bolivia – Colourful People, Colourful Culture

  Bolivia, the land where “the border between the heaven and earth” exists, is the reflection of a past that is rich in rituals, cultures and traditions. A former part of the mighty Inca Empire, followed by nearly three hundred years of Spanish rule, the country herself is a cultural confluence, where a European and […]

7 books entrepreneurs should read
Jan 2016

7 books an Entrepreneur should read!

Kamal Agarwala is the founder & CEO of La Exactlly Software Pvt Ltd. He incorporated La Exactlly Software Pvt. Ltd. in 1997 and started his entrepreneurial journey focusing on Software Product “EXACTLLY”. He is among the few early entrepreneurs who saw potential and value in Software as Products and today EXACTLLY has more than 40000 […]

9 Books You Must Buy for your children this Boi-Mela!

Do you have a child who gobbles up English literature but is somehow not too comfortable with Bengali? Or has your child started reading in Bengali, and you aren’t sure what books to gift him? Or do YOU just want to take a stroll down the memory lane? In any case, here is a list of 9 […]

madhura banerjee blog
Jan 2016

The Colour of Women in Ethnic Literature

  It has been a while since I have been interested in exploring through literature, Manhattan’s conjoined twin of a different complexion named Harlem. It was just another day at a bookstore, when I picked up a book of Maya Angelou’s, and found a full, vital voice leaping out from the very first few pages.  […]

15 things you learn as a book collector

    For the first 10 months of my life, I thought books were for eating. Then I learned to associate, and concluded that they were something big people held in their hands when they told stories. Some day after my second birthday, I realized that it was the books that held the stories, like […]

kolkata book fair
Jan 2016

A book and it’s readers.

  Are You Reading? Everything? Something? Anything? Well, you must be. If you are reading in India, then you are contributing to the readership. According to a past survey, India has made it to the top as far as reading is concerned with an average Indian spending around 10 hours per week, reading books. This […]

Sohini Mitter blogger
Jan 2016

A Bagful of Books, Warmth and Nostalgia

  When I was asked to write about the Kolkata Book Fair by the founder of Kolkata Bloggers, the event’s official social media partner, the first thought that crossed my mind was  — Sigh, I haven’t been there in 10 years. That’s also the amount of time I’ve been away from the city where I was […]

Rushati Mukherjee Blogger
Jan 2016

6 Novels starring Kolkata – you should read right away!

      Kolkata has always been the bibliophile of Indian cities. The book-loving metropolis has not only embraced literature as an essential part of its identity, but has also been embraced by numerous authors from all over the world as Muse and backdrop. Here are 5 novels written by authors from around the globe that […]

Debjani Chatterjee blogger
Jan 2016

When “Boimela” meets “Food mela”, two things bongs can’t live without!

    Finally the yearlong wait is over and we the bookaholic and foodoholic Bongs are ready to welcome the mela of all the melas: Boimela! Our beloved Kolkata Book fair will be turning evergreen forty this year. Started in 1974, Kolkata Book Fair, which is known as International Kolkata Book Fair is something we […]