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Jan 2017

Literary Disciplines as a Mirror to Social Change

The famous painter, creator of Guernica and other such artworks, Pablo Picasso had once remarked, “In the last analysis there is nothing but love, whatever form it takes. They really should put out the eyes of the painters, just like as they do to goldfinches, to make them sing more sweetly.” Literary works erupt from […]

kolkata book fair, meghna roy
Jan 2017

Mind your Language (and Sexism)!

Woman up! Woman is a social animal. Be a woman! Who’s womanning our office today? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Despite numerous differences in people across the world on lines of class, religion, race, ethnicity, etc. one consensus the world has successfully reached is to make our ears patriarchal- so much so that when age-old maxims […]

Poetry, Calcutta, Bookfair and more – Interviewing Srijato

Srijato, a popular Bengali poet is mostly known for his use of the Bengali language in a lucid, simple and beautiful manner. Before reading out a couple of these in the session “Aaj, Kal, Porshu Kobita” , Srijato talked to Meghna Roy from Kolkata Bloggers in an exclusive interview. Q: Why poetry? A: When I […]

An Interview with Kunal Basu

Kunal Basu, in a session with Barun Chanda and Iftekhar Ahsan, spoke about the many faces of Kolkata. I caught up with him soon afterwards to ask some burning questions. Here’s what we discussed: In the course of the research for your book, “Kalkatta”, you saw a Kolkata within Kolkata that we don’t really see. How […]

5 Books A Dancer Must Read

‘Dance’ sprouts from emotion & inspiration and a dancer’s life fly beyond the anvil of a library. There is no book in the Universe that can teach dance. To be able to dance is a sheer blessing of God! But having said that, one can always wander through the limitless realm that a book unfolds. […]

Barun Chanda on Loving Kolkata, Ranbir & Ranveer and More

Barun Chanda, a veteran actor and author had a quick chat with Rupsha Bhadra from Kolkata Bloggers before taking part in the session ‘Kolkata- A Pleasure in Pain’. Here are some excerpts from the exclusive interview! Q. What is the one thing about Kolkata that you love most? A: I would say, any place is […]

Durjoy Datta on Catchy Titles, Love, Female Fan Following and More!

Durjoy Datta, the man with an immense fan following, after signing a near hundred books and clicking innumerable selfies with fans, very happily obliged for a quick chat with Rupsha Bhadra from Kolkata Bloggers. Here’s presenting to you, snippets from an exclusive interview of the man who has authoured a large number of books like […]

Love, North Calcutta, Bold Women and more – Exclusive interviews of Novoneel Chakraborty and Sumrit Shahi

After a fantastic session on challenges faced by young authors in the world of literature, Meghna Roy and Rupsha Bhadra from Kolkata Bloggers caught up with the two authors Novoneel Chakraborty and Sumrit Shahi. Novoneel, is an author who has written several books like “All Yours, Stranger” and has also written for youth shows like […]

8 Books Every Photo-enthusiast Must Read

Many of us love taking photographs. We all start reading the manuals, browse through the numerous pages of technical know-hows, styles and of course the photographs. But apart from that you need to feel an insight that will allow you to connect to this world through the photography medium, through your camera. Now, I am […]

new ways of publishing.
Jan 2016

India is moving ahead with the next generation of literature

As the Kolkata Book Festival rounds up another exemplary year, the Indian literary field is coming to terms with the revolutionary world of self-publishing and independent production in a way it has never done before. Authors have squirmed themselves free of the shackles of sales agents, publishers, public relation experts and marketing plans to become […]