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Barun Chanda on Loving Kolkata, Ranbir & Ranveer and More

Barun Chanda on Loving Kolkata, Ranbir & Ranveer and More

Barun Chanda, a veteran actor and author had a quick chat with Rupsha Bhadra from Kolkata Bloggers before taking part in the session ‘Kolkata- A Pleasure in Pain’. Here are some excerpts from the exclusive interview!barun chanda

Q. What is the one thing about Kolkata that you love most?

A: I would say, any place is defined by its people unless you’re visiting a forest or a mountain where you’d want to see the scenery. A city or a township, more than anything else, it’s the people who make a difference.

Q. So what do you think it’s about the people of Kolkata that make it so special?

A: In spite of the innumerable problems Calcuttans are faced with every day, it still has a smiling countenance and a positive outlook towards life. He is still mad about cricket, about East Bengal and Mohun Bagan and most importantly, he’s alive!
And even though an average Calcuttans salary is much lesser than people of Bombay, Bangalore , but I would like to point out, the happiness quotient is so much more here! People are more content.
If you go to Gariahat, you’ll see people playing carrom and chess in the middle of a busy day! They even have competitions there! Under the busiest flyover, in broad daylight, with everything happening around you, men settle down for a game of chess, totally oblivious to his surroundings! Where else can you find that?

Q. If an outsider visited Kolkata, name a few places you would definitely take him to visit.

A: One of the places would be the above!
Then maybe Coffee House. Although I do think it has lost its charm and you don’t have that kind of people there anymore. But I haven’t gone in quite  a few years, so maybe I shouldn’t comment.
For food, I’d make him try street food from Dalhousie! It might be a little unhygienic, but you just cannot beat it!
And definitely a ride on the Ganges that takes you under the Howrah Bridge. Every time I’ve taken a foreigner friend of mine on that ride, he’s exclaimed: “Wow, the city looks totally different!”

Q. If you had to describe Kolkata in one sentence, what would you say?

A: I want to live here, and die here.

Q. Tell us about your experience while working with Ranbir Kapoor for ‘Roy’ and Ranveer Singh for ‘Lootera’.

A: I was fortunate that all my scenes happened to be with Ranbir Kapoor, who is quite the heartthrob of all youngsters! I found him to be very respectful and very quiet. he wouldn’t talk unless he was asked a question. So good professional relationship.
Whereas the other Ranveer, was a lot more outgoing, when I spent time with him during the Lootera shoots. He was more jolly, and a lot like a bubbly child!
I’d like to think the mischievous side to Ranbir is let out, only with his select group of friends!



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