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An Interview with Sumita Mukherjee, the STEM factor in children’s literature: Flying Words to Pages

Feb 2017

An Interview with Sumita Mukherjee, the STEM factor in children’s literature: Flying Words to Pages

Sumita Mukherjee is a NASA STEM certified leader and children’s book author, her books being centred around mysteries and adventures in the form of Keiko and Kenzo’s Travels. Her series of STEAM books have also proved to be hugely popular. Here’s what she had to say.

  • What inspired you to take up the propagation of Scientific knowledge to children through literature?

I am an MBA in Human Resources working here in HR as well. Then I shifted to Malaysia, pursuing the same career. However, after the birth of my child, I wanted to spend more time with her, which got me writing. So she was my inspiration behind all my work. Her love for Dora the Explorer made me want to create something similar but with real facts. Since I travelled to a lot of countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia and India, I wanted to incorporate these elements in my books on adventure for children!

  • You happen to be a certified leader at NASA STEM and your series of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) books intend to encourage children to learn through activities. What do your inspirations comprise?

From my childhood, I have always been interested in a lot of hands-on learning and activities. It came to me naturally. All children enjoy scientific experiments, so I thought of engaging my child in DIYs, putting together a block with other children, which is currently in vogue in the United States and Canada now. In Toronto, I volunteer in several STEAM clubs and schools. The children have shown to learn faster with the STEAM method, enjoy the workshops and understand the implications of the same. It was a win-win situation for me!

  • Does your initiative aim at providing a holistic education to children instead of streamlining them into one particular area?

My combination happens to be Literature and Science out together. My latest release which is constricted to only US-Canada at the moment is Shadow in the Camp Tent which is an adventure with elements of STEM in it, aiming to extract information from the book as well as enjoy it. This forms the basis of all my work and I intend on pursuing this method of learning for children.

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