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A Musical Soiree – Amaan Ali, Ayaan Ali and Pt. Tanmoy Bose

Feb 2016

A Musical Soiree – Amaan Ali, Ayaan Ali and Pt. Tanmoy Bose

When you are surrounded with words, poetry and literature, you seem to transcend time and travel into a different world. The experience is enriched when you have tunes and melodies in perfect harmony with each other. Such is the magic cast by brothers Amaan Ali Khan, Ayaan Ali Khan and Pt. Tanmoy Bose as they build up rhythm, and string the audience into one symphony of enchantment.12674616_10208724277335217_319669317_n

With poise, elegance and charisma, the experienced fingers continue to shower melodies upon melodies and bathe the listeners in a spell of awe. The beautifully decked stage emanates warmth on a cold evening in Calcutta as the sound bounces around, almost touching one’s senses on the go.

When after a toiling day you return to your own niche and all your heart thirsts for is rest, the memory of the music created by the Ali brothers can well act as a balm to your tired senses.

“I feel as if I am sitting at a Durbar of some Sultan or Nawaab with all the Gems of musicians performing before me, I don’t think I am at a position to comment on their expertise. I have been transported to a different era altogether. I’m having a gala time”, says a gentleman in the audience, on being asked to share his impression of the session.ayaan

In the middle of all the glitz and glamour , Amaan Ali Khan tells us about his venture along with his brother Ayaan ali Khan into authoring  a book on their father, ‘Abba-God’s Greatest Gift to us’. Truly, Kolkata Literary Festival at the Kolkata Book fair showcases to us a brilliant co-existence of Literature and arts of all kinds.

As I sit here and write this, it was a difficult job, to calm myself down as the brain kept on asking me not to jump off and start dancing to the amazing rhythms, continuously concocted by the musicians on stage and as the heart kept on revolting against the brain.
I had previously read about ‘Synaesthesia’ in poems, where visual vividness and the diverse sense experiences are orchestrated into a harmony. Never had I experienced it before until today, as I could feel the music pouring through myself bit by bit. The live camaraderie between the brother and Tanmoy Bose showed how much they were enjoying the performance.
After all creating poetry out of live music had to happen at the festival of celebrating books and knowledge.
This post has been written by Pushpak Sen and Meghna Roy.

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