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A book and it’s readers.

kolkata book fair
Jan 2016

A book and it’s readers.

kolkata book fair


Are You Reading? Everything? Something? Anything? Well, you must be. If you are reading in India, then you are contributing to the readership. According to a past survey, India has made it to the top as far as reading is concerned with an average Indian spending around 10 hours per week, reading books. This takes us ahead of the US and China as well.

India has a rich heritage of literature under different genres, an extraordinary bevy of talented writers across times, a strong control over language and expression, immense imagination, inspiration and interpretation of both reality and fiction, a galaxy of unique characters and of course an apt foundation of accepting and appreciating literary memoirs since our childhood. All these have cultivated our reading genes over time and age, such that many of us still enjoy a Rabindranath or Sukumar in hand than a game of Candy Crush. Right from our cultural and religious epics to modern books of prose, poetry, fiction, novels and many more, Indian authors have done every bit to keep Indian (and global) readers in awe, and the urge for READ more.

Indian love to read.  And, as the saying goes, ‘when there is a will, there is a way’. There are numerous ways in which reading have been made available to Indian readers. Some of the reader’s nooks of the modern world are:

Pleasure of Papyrus: For a booklover, nothing is more satisfying than the smell of a new book, freshly bought from the store. Black words on paper are probably the most powerful weapon of all times. Written words say a lot more. So, real books will never lose it’s charm and will always the first choice of many bookmongers for ages. You can buy from a shop, order online, borrow from someone, lend for a library and they are your assets for life.

Digital Devices: In this modern age of advanced technology, a Kindle, e-book Apps, or iPad or your smartphone is your biggest nook for books. The digital world is a huge gamut of e-books, e-magazines and illustrations available on handheld devices, which goes with you, wherever you go. You will probably find any book online when you search on portals like Woodpie, Goodreads and many more. They just don’t have the information about a book, but they help you locate it, borrow it, share it and build an online, virtual community of booklovers to interact. Reading becomes more social, when you share reviews, discuss books and authors and share your views with people across the globe. Even, there are many groups on Facebook, which shares information of old and new books, sale and donation of books and much more.

Book Exchange Programs: There are many book exchange programs, both real and virtual, where you get to know what others are reading and share what you are reading. These programs are either run by individuals or groups, which facilitate the exchange and keep increasing the reader base. This way you get to know about different books and how they have influenced other people.

Institutions and Groups: Good old libraries, book lending shops, or old books markets are always the favourite places for bookworms. They know where and how to get a good book. Book clubs, reading junctions, story-telling sessions bring people face-to-face and reading over interesting becomes more fun and lively. You not only get to read books, but you make ‘book friends’ (if I may call it that way).

Blogs, Contests and Others: Today, not just established authors, everybody has a story to tell. And, if it is interesting, one has many different options to present it to the world at large. Personal blogs are a great place to read stories, experiences, and personal journeys. Different contests like TOI Write India, contests by Pratham Books and others in children’s category, short story contest by Bee Books and many more such interactive methods have opened by opportunities for both readers and writers to come on a common platform to share. The 2016 Book Challenge by Goodreads is another such initiative to urge readers to revive their passion for reading.

The bottom-line is that a booklover always knows the ways and means to find a book.

Have you accessed any of these nooks? Browse more options.

Do you know of any other nook? Enlighten us.

Are you yet to tap any of them? Start today.

After discussing different reading options, let me throw some light on what have

What the present looks like?

Today, we are reading novels, fictions, non-fictions, short stories, anthologies, mythological dramas, lifestyle magazines and much more. Today, we are reading things, which brings us close to life and personal development. Modern authors are direct in tapping the right emotions of the readers and knows well what to offer. As far as readership in India is concerned, New Delhi is the most well-read city, according to a recent survey by Amazon, closely followed by Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Kolkata comes in seventh. However, I am sure my fellow Kolkatans read a lot more than the online figure can record.

What are we reading? Statistics show that Indian authors are the most popular among the readers, followed by Children’s Illustrations and Fictions. Literary Fictions, History and Politics are other favouriute genres. (Personally, I prefer a good thriller and short stories, which keeps me glued and triggers different human emotions.)

Even the characters have evolved over time. More than larger-than life heroes, we see the face of the common man or empowered women characters or even anti-hero is quite a favourite.

What the future has in store?

The Nielsen India Book Market Report 2015: Understanding the India Book Market predicts that the Indian book market, which is worth Rs. 261 billion and sixth in the world will soon be touching a whopping figure of Rs. 730 billion by 2020. The annual CAGR is estimated to be 19.3% in next five years. So, it means more books, more readers and more good reads. Check out the detailed survey for more interesting facts and figures on Indian books and readership.

Today, the authors are on social media, the publishers have digitized their content, the readers are online and the books are everywhere. You would hardly face a difficulty in locating the book, you want to read. So, just grab a copy of our next read anywhere and start reading. The future looks promising and flourishing, both for the writers and the readers. So, don’t wait to share your story, if you have one.

A good book is always a good companion, a good friend, a good philosopher and guide and of course a good stress-buster. Books never become old or outdated, they are like your prized possession. It is like a knowledge base, which you can pass on through generations. If you gift someone a book, you know you have gifted wisdom.

Are You Reading? Yes, of course you are. If you are reading this, you are already a READER, with a for some more. Don’t wait to satisfy your passion for words. If you are a reader, a writer, a book enthusiast, an illustrator, an artist or simply a bookworm, wriggle your way to wherever you see books. It is the place to meet, interact and enjoy books as well as the company of like-minded booklovers from all over the world.

Keep reading, inspire someone to read, write something to read, share something to read! Let’s keep India’s flagship as the reigning champs of reading across the globe! If you are a reader, NEVER STOP BEING ONE.


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